Have you ever considered why people chose the domain name that they  do?

This site is perhaps a great example and using the wayback archive, it appears to have originally been a site about Bridewell Prison in Liverpool. Which perhaps clears up the last part of the domain name but not the first. 

The reference to Colin, isn’t as clear.After the first renewal (?) , the site seemed to have been purchased solely to become a marketing site for Tommy Hilfiger or at least an associate who was selling their clothes and now it belongs to me, probably for a relatively short period of time and its use – who knows. Probably going to be a simple blogging site and the reason for purchasing this domain?

Again, not really sure. Did a bit of reading about SEO, a bit about link building a bit about popularity and ended up with this. Suppose in a way it is the story of a beginners journey in the world of the internet. Just for clarity though, my name isn’t and never will be Colin!